Business Critical: Communicating with Front-line Employees

They’re often the face of your organisation, and the ones working hard to accomplish the critical tasks that keep your business humming. They’re your front-line staff, field and floor employees, and it’s up to you to keep them..

December 11, 2019

Can an employee communications app increase employee engagement?

  When trying to overcome an disengaged workforce, first consider what heightened employee engagement might look like at your organisation, and then take a mobile-first approach to achieving that vision. 

December 3, 2019

Building Your Business Case for an Employee Communications App

If you’ve seen that your traditional methods of internal employee communication — email, newsletters, printed magazines, your intranet — are no longer up to the task at your organisation, you may be considering investing in a..

November 25, 2019

4 Must-Dos for Positive Employee Experiences During Culture Change

Restructuring, strategic transformations, mergers and acquisitions — these are all organisational changes that are intended to disrupt the status quo for growth purposes, but they can instead have the effect of disrupting your..

November 12, 2019

Something exciting is happening today

We have some exciting news to share today. We are re-branding from TheAppBuilder to Thrive.

November 7, 2019

What email? Why most employees don't read or see email newsletters

When it comes to communication and sharing important information with ALL of your employees, email may not be the perfect choice, especially if your teams are front line workers, desk-less or ‘hard to reach’ in other ways. 

October 30, 2019

Positive employee experiences and increased engagement

For a long time, maintaining a happy workforce and increasing employee engagement was a common goal for HR professionals only.  However, business leaders are realising that employees are their most valuable asset, and they must invest..

October 30, 2019

Is there really a need for employee recognition?

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, nearly at the top, there’s a set called ‘Esteem’ to express that all humans crave for self-esteem, confidence, respect of others and by others, and achievement. At work, this social need makes us want..

October 30, 2019

Employee Communication Apps Drive a Diverse & Inclusive Culture

If you’ve been considering investing in diversity and inclusion programs — whether your organisation suffers from a culture problem, is undergoing a cultural shift, or you simply believe it’s the right thing to do — you might be..

October 30, 2019