Thrive.App: The Best Meta Workplace Alternative for Communication

On Tuesday 14th May 2024, Meta announced that they were shutting down Workplace, its enterprise communication business. Discover why Thrive.App is a great choice for employee communication and engagement, especially for former Workplace users from Meta.

Why Thrive.App Stands Out

Thrive.App stands out as the leading alternative to Meta's Workplace for employee communication and engagement. With over 12 years of experience in deploying successful employee engagement and communication apps, Thrive.App has established itself as a trusted platform for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprise organisations. Our platform is currently used by over a quarter of a million employees worldwide, including clients such as Avis Budget Group, Air France KLM, NHS, ASDA, DPD, Biffa, Santos Brasil, and more.

One of the key reasons why Thrive.App stands out is its ability to provide a secure, engaging, and easy-to-use platform for employee communication. With Thrive.App, you can stay in control of the conversations across your organisation, ensuring that the right information reaches the right teams. Our platform offers complete flexibility to customise your employee app, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. You can also open up or restrict conversation channels, creating a guided experience for your teams.

Another standout feature of Thrive.App is its audience segmentation capabilities. With this feature, you can easily segment your audiences based on various criteria such as job role, location, department, and more. By doing so, you ensure that only relevant content and information are shared with your teams, boosting app engagement and usage rates to 90% or more.

Thrive.App is dedicated to putting customers at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of launching employee apps with success and driving ongoing engagement. With our tried and tested ways to boost engagement and usage, we can help former Workplace from Meta users transition seamlessly to Thrive.App and enhance their employee engagement strategies.

Key Features and Benefits

Thrive.App offers a range of key features and benefits that make it the best alternative to Meta's Workplace for employee communication. Some of the standout features include:

- Secure and engaging platform: Thrive.App provides a secure and engaging platform for employee communication, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected.

- Easy customisation: With Thrive.App, you have complete flexibility to customise your employee app according to your brand guidelines and specific requirements.

- Guided conversation channels: You can open up or restrict conversation channels, creating a guided experience for your teams and ensuring that conversations are focused and productive.

- Audience segmentation: Thrive.App allows you to segment your audiences based on various criteria, enabling you to share targeted content and information with specific teams.

- High engagement and usage rates: With Thrive.App's audience segmentation and tailored content approach, you can achieve engagement and usage rates of 90% or more, ensuring that your employee app is a valuable tool for your teams.

- Expert support and guidance: The Thrive.App team is dedicated to ensuring the success of your employee app. We provide expert support and guidance throughout the migration process and beyond.

By choosing Thrive.App as your employee communication platform, you can benefit from these key features and enjoy a seamless transition from Workplace to our platform.

Successful Migration Process

At Thrive.App, we understand the importance of a successful migration process when transitioning from one employee communication platform to another. We have developed a streamlined and efficient migration process to ensure a smooth transition for former Workplace users.

Our migration process includes the following steps:

- Initial consultation: We start by understanding your specific requirements and goals for the migration process.

- Data transfer: Our technical team will assist you in transferring your key data and content from Workplace to Thrive.App, ensuring that all your important information is migrated.

- App customisation: Our team works closely with you to customise your employee app on the Thrive.App platform according to your branding and specific needs.

- Training and onboarding: We provide comprehensive training and onboarding sessions to ensure that your teams are familiar with the new platform and can make the most out of its features.

- Ongoing support: Our support team is available to provide ongoing assistance and guidance to help you maximise the benefits of Thrive.App.

With our successful migration process, you can rest assured that transitioning from Workplace to Thrive.App will be a quick and efficient process, minimising any disruption to your employee communication strategies.

Client Success Stories

Thrive.App has a proven track record of success in helping companies enhance their employee communication and engagement strategies. Here are some of our client success stories:

- Avis Budget Group: Avis Budget Group, a leading global provider of mobility solutions, implemented Thrive.App to streamline communication across its workforce. The platform enabled the company to improve collaboration, boost employee engagement, and enhance overall productivity.

- Air France KLM: Air France KLM, one of the world's largest airline groups, chose Thrive.App as its employee communication platform to connect and engage its dispersed workforce. With Thrive.App, the company achieved higher levels of employee satisfaction, improved internal communication, and increased operational efficiency.

- DPD: DPD Ireland, a leading parcel delivery service, turned to Thrive.App to streamline communication and improve their overall culture. The platform's secure and easy-to-use features empowered DPD employees to stay connected and informed, leading to increased employee morale, productivity and satisfaction.

These client success stories demonstrate the effectiveness of Thrive.App in driving employee communication and engagement across various industries. By choosing Thrive.App, you can join the ranks of these successful organisations and experience the benefits first-hand.

James Scott, CEO and Cofounder of Thrive.App:

'Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We know what it takes to ensure our customer’s employee apps are launched with success and continue to drive engagement from their teams. We’d love the opportunity to help Workplace from Meta customers to transition to Thrive.App to not only continue with their employee engagement strategies but to also help enhance it with our tried and tested ways to boost engagement and usage.'


Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials about Thrive.App:

-  Helen Hawkins, Head of Communications at Biffa: 

"Thrive.App stood out for us as the partner of choice over others because of their commitment to continuously developing their platform and to a schedule that worked for us, which was an important factor in our decision-making process. Three years on and it certainly seems like we made the right decision. Thrive.App’s help centre for building content was invaluable. And when you teamed that up with Thrive.App’s knowledge, customer service and some great examples of their past successes that they were able to share, it made us feel really confident in creating our app, successfully launching it, and reaching record uptake thereafter.”

- Tia Mulholland, Human Resources at Air France KLM:

"The advantage of working with the team was their experience of deploying similar apps in a very quick turnaround time, this gave us the opportunity to bring our ideas to life very quickly."

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