Employee App Success Story Videos

Watch the individual stories of our clients and how they are using Thrive employee apps to transform their internal communications and improve employee engagement.

Employee communication apps help drive cultural change and make operations more efficient.  They allow every employees to stay connected, informed, communicate their ideas and be recognised for their efforts. We've teamed up with some of our clients to create testimonial videos which showcase how their organisations have been positively impacted by implementing Thrive employee apps.

Mallaghan Digitally Transform Communications & Improve Culture Across Their Diverse, Dispersed Workforce With The Thrive Employee App.

The Thrive employee app gives Mallaghan a secure, engaging way to connect and communicate with their production and office employees, many without a desktop or company email address. The Thrive employee app enabled the company to create content that connected everyone, boosted morale and improved employee retention. 


Biffa PLC Unifies Their Dispersed Workforce With The Thrive Employee App.

Watch how Biffa PLC used their Thrive employee app, 'Biffa Beat', to digitally transform their communications strategy and improve engagement with its geographically dispersed workforce.


DPD Ireland Transforms Communication & Streamlines Business Processes With The Thrive Employee App.

Watch how DPD Ireland use their employee app by Thrive top replace their outdated internet platform, breaking down communication barriers and transforming the employee experience for their entire workforce. 


Air France KLM Appreciates Employees & Shares Updates With The Thrive Employee App. 

Watch how Air France KLM use the peer-to-peer recognition feature within their employee app by Thrive, to drive a close-knit culture and show their appreciation for their employees.


Santos Brasil Streamline Operations While Connecting Their Entire Workforce With The Thrive Employee App

Watch how Santos Brasil, Latin America’s largest port operator, use their employee app by Thrive to connect and engage with their 3,000 workforce while streamlining operations resulting in significant financial savings.


Derry Group Ireland Boosts Communication & Employee Engagement With The Thrive Employee App.

Watch how the Derry Group Ireland are making the most of their employee app by Thrive to transform communications, engage employees, streamline their processes while building on a close-knit culture. 


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