Share Rotas, Updates & Other Important Docs Straight From Your Mobile

Allow team leaders, line managers and other employees to share and download rotas, timetables, images and other important documents instantly from their devices.

We are delighted to say we have added another additional feature to the Thrive.App platform. We have been working behind the scenes with our clients and with great excitement we have launched our new User Generated Content (UGC) File Upload feature.

UGC File Upload adds another new dimension to our employee communications and engagement app. It streamlines operations, even more. 

This new feature will allow Team Leaders, Line Managers or any employee to upload important files to their Thrive employee app, instantly and directly from their own device with no additional training required or additional Content Management System (CMS)  permissions needed. 

We have leveraged our existing ability to designate employee user groups to add content through the app by introducing the additional options of uploading files.  

Within our existing User Publishing List functionality, clients can segment their audiences, giving control over 'who can post' the content as well as 'who can see it'.

UGC file upload - cms

Employees with access to post content can now upload files and send instant push notifications to their chosen audience.

Some of our clients are already trialling this feature, using it to share rotas, timetables, general notices, health and safety updates, security alerts and other important documents straight from their mobile phones, without needing to train users on their CMS.

Line Managers and other employees have been empowered to share audience specific, relevant updates and information directly through their existing apps within a few clicks. 

User Generated File Upload - Rotas

Like all of our features, UGC File Upload is ridiculously easy to use and is now part of the core features offered to all Thrive clients.

James Scott, CEO, adds,

"We are always looking for ways to make the Thrive.App platform even more valuable to our clients, we have recently focused on streamlining the operational aspects of their business as well as enhancing employee engagement and communication. 

Our goal is to ensure our client's employees love their employee app. We are excited to be adding another feature that streamlines operations for our clients as well as improving the overall employee experience of their teams .

Thanks to all of the Thrive team, this is another great step in the right direction as we continue to press on to add even more value to our core offering." 

Contact our team today for more information on how we can enhance your employee experience as well as streamlining your operations. 

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