Power Up Your Internal Comms Strategy with Thrive Insights

Daniel Gore, Product Manager of Thrive, shares the latest features of our app's handy Insights functionality.

The team at Thrive.App are excited to announce the latest release for our Insights feature. Our latest update is packed full of new controls, new data points, performance improvements, user group drill-downs and much more.  

Since the original launch of Insights, we have been working hard behind the scenes to craft and implement the feature suggestions you have requested. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers that have helped build out the Insights functionality during 2021.

Our Insights functionality is now available to use, and in this post, we've detailed the top five improvements you can now use right away. Check out the descriptions and videos below for practical demonstrations on how you can start using Insights today.

#1 Custom Date Ranges

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Alongside the existing date and time presets within Insights, you can now declare custom date ranges or select single dates when selecting timeframes. This enhancement will give Editors much more flexibility when it comes to content interrogation. The custom timeframes ability will better suit the variety of publishing cycles we see from our customers and help you interrogate more precise periods of content communications.

#2 User Group Activity

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A new and notable improvement that we have introduced is viewing user group activity within Insights. Our unique tool lets you dig into more specific employee behaviour through the lens of our user group functionality. We've added new filters to illuminate how social, how receptive and how active employees are, something that we know will help better define and nurture a strong content strategy.

#3 Section Breakdown

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We've introduced new component breakdowns within Insights, tracking video, mp3 and file views, adding in Acknowledgement behaviours and clickable sections revealing how likes, comments and views are dispersed across your content.

#4 Rankings & Comparisons

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Our brand new insights query control lets you build up your queries, making Insights as complex or as easy as you need it. Our new rankings functionality will show you how content is performing over time, whether it is viewed more across different timeframes by different employee groups or reveal whether the content is not having the desired effect. Our new comparison functionality displays percentile differences between social, publishing and viewing behaviour too. Combine all this with new user group filters to truly deep-dive into how your employees consume your content.

#5 User Group Login Behaviour

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With our new login statistics, you can now analyse the frequency of logins within user groups. Use these numbers to help identify improvements to your content strategy that help improve usage amongst underperforming user groups.

Alongside these updates, there have been a host of more minor updates we've included within this release:

  • We've opened up Insights so that both App Editors and Org Admins can use the Insights functionality
  • We've added new report downloads to each data set to let you feed this into your reports, as well as:
    • All new loading states;
    • All new reporting sections;
    • All new performance tuning and caching system for faster insight retrieval.

To find out more about Thrive App updates, including current features and future plans on our roadmap, check out our feature updates blog.