Audit Employee App Content with Our New Author History Feature

Auditing your app content just got even easier! Product Manager, Daniel Gore, shares the details of our new Author History feature for your Thrive App.

The Thrive team is pleased to announce a new feature addition called 'Author History' - new functionality designed to help Editors audit their app content.

As Editorial teams keep expanding and more diverse content streams are published, content auditing and the management of the content lifecycle can get more complex. We wanted to improve how teams manage their content library and content lifecycles without the need for additional and unnecessary communication.

With more and more app users creating, editing and managing content, the Thrive team set about analysing ways to improve the overall visibility of content history for our Editorial teams.

Auditing Your App Content – Current & Future Features

Author History is the first of several features we have planned to help audit content lifecycles within the CMS. You can now easily see the original author, publisher, last editor, and latest updates for every content item. We've also included a complete version history list of content versions to tell you who updated the content and when it was last changed.

This minor expansion will also help regulate the volume of ongoing conversations between Editors and improve the information flow when it comes to augmenting questions to the appropriate teams and individuals.

Author History is the first step that moves us closer to implementing complete version control and version restore. As we advance, other functions, such as scheduled deletion of content, improved archiving mechanics, and an all-new navigation system, will improve Editor collaboration, visibility, and maintenance for long-term content management. All of this functionality is designed to help you to promote fresh and up-to-date content to drive app usage and engagement.

What's next?

As always, please email if you have questions, suggestions or want to promote specific feature candidates.

To find out more about Thrive App updates, including current features and future plans on our roadmap, check out our feature updates blog.