Thrive Launch Rapid Deployment App to Fast-Track Comms for Frontline Teams

Thrive, a leading provider of employee communication and engagement software, announced today the launch of its newest self-service, rapid deployment Thrive.App. This brings together the key features needed for businesses to power up their internal communications for their frontline employees, and can be set up and launched within hours. Thrive’s platform and apps are already used by over 250,000 employees, across the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, food production, transport and retail, Thrive’s clients include SGN, Fairchild Medical Centre, An Post, Children’s Health Ireland, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council and Air France KLM.

James Scott, CEO of Thrive comments,

“Our newest Thrive.App will help many companies manage the complex work required to move comms from noticeboards to mobile phones. It’s engineered to make the setup, sign off and success of introducing a digital communication channel easier than ever before, taking the risk and worry away from launching a new solution. 

Using Thrive.App, organisations can now set up an employee comms app within hours, with predefined content templates, drag and drop functionality, customised themes to suit their brands and best practice guidance from our team.

One of the key benefits is that companies can see their employee app come to life immediately, with their own content in the app. They can also get crucial feedback from key stakeholders, business leaders and most importantly their employees with no upfront commitment.”


In this new world, in the wake of Covid-19, business transformation is happening everywhere and each organisation is relying on technology more than ever before. With over 80% of the world’s workforce being deskless, employee communication apps are playing key roles in keeping front line teams informed, engaged, supported and recognised. 

James Scott, CEO of Thrive adds,

“We take pride in the guidance we give to people who are thinking about deploying an app. The rapid deployment of Thrive.App will help businesses even further in making their decisions quicker as well as fast tracking their way to better communications.

We are extremely excited about the launch, especially during this time of uncertainty, when effective communication is vital. We hope this launch will enable more people and organisations to see the benefits of moving to a digital communications channel during this challenging time.”


Thrive’s technology has been used actively throughout the Coronavirus period across its client base, with Thrive reporting an all-time usage peak – some as high as 200%. One of Thrive’s client’s is Children’s Health Ireland and Trevor Murphy, Director of Human Resources comments:

“With our programme for change in preparation for our move to the new children’s hospital and the current health crisis we are facing, there has never been a more important time for us to ensure our colleagues are connected, sharing and receiving important information and feel fully supported and recognised.

A massive and sincere thanks to all the Thrive team for ‘the can do’ attitude in assisting us in launching our employee app. It is hugely welcomed by all as a great support for communicating key and important updates, information and support for our staff at this very difficult time.”

The initial feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to roll it out to our staff across all our sites, in particularly those who are working remotely due to the current guidelines on physical and social distancing.”

Using the Thrive.App clients can quickly remove the reliance on notice boards and allow front line teams easy access to critical information, gather feedback, encourage two-way communication and social communities via user generated content, celebrate success through recognition, build stronger teams and build stronger businesses.

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The rapid deployment Thrive.App has all of the key features needed to power up internal communications and can cost as little as 79 pence / 99 euros / 1.15 dollars per user per month.  

Are you interested in seeing what the new Thrive.App can do for your employee communications? Contact us today to access your invite code. 

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About Thrive

The Thrive platform improves communication with frontline staff, builds a stronger team, creates a community, nurtures talent, shares success and supports leadership. Its client-base includes councils, healthcare companies, manufacturing businesses, food firms, retailers and other organisations across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Thrive’s intuitive content management system enables anyone in an organisation to take charge of company communications, creating and adding content to a single platform and distributing it to front line teams’ mobile devices.

This software as a service solution enables HR, Marketing, Internal Comms, Corporate Comms, IT and other professionals to create and promote important, relevant, timely and customised information to their ‘Hard to Reach’ teams. Those who have no access or limited access to email.