Connect Multi-Lingual Teams with Dynamic Content Translation

Working with multi-lingual teams? Remove your teams’ language barriers for seamless communication with our latest Dynamic Content Translation feature.

“Podemos ter uma tradução para o Natal, por favor?”
“Pouvons-nous avoir une traduction pour Noël s'il vous plaît?”
“Kan vi få en oversættelse til jul?”
“Können wir bitte eine Übersetzung für Weihnachten haben?”
“Kunnen we een vertaling voor Kerstmis hebben?”

They all ask the same question - 'Can we have a translation for Christmas, please?'

A modern-day, multi-lingual and multi-cultural workforce presents a complex and ever-changing environment for internal communications, HR and employee engagement teams to manage. Moreover, this problem is no longer just applicable to larger, global organisations but can be seen across organisations of any size and geographic location.

When reading our illustrative introduction, I would hypothesise that most of you tried to piece together some of the recognisable words and phrases. You likely picked up on some of the meaning but inferred some too. Some of us would have tried to re-read and reassemble the more familiar words in the sentence (like 'Christmas') to create some understanding, but in the end, unless you had some knowledge of the language, you couldn't be sure exactly what was written. For employees that either don't have English as their first language, or when reading content created in their second or third language, this is the position they find themselves in daily.

Multi-lingual teams WebP

The Product and Client Success teams at Thrive.App have seen just how easy it is for information to be lost in translation when targeting multi-lingual employee groups. We've noted that instead of delivering concise, informative, and engaging content, team communications can quickly unravel, and messages can lose their agency when crossing the language barrier. Content can all too quickly become irrelevant, actively confusing and sometimes simply too hard to understand.

As we saw from our example, any message can soon become reinterpreted, and this misunderstanding can have unintended consequences. Critical message relay can be missed or only partially understood, creating potentially dangerous scenarios if quick and decisive action is needed. Obtaining certified translations also comes at an additional cost for the business, both in time and money.

Added to this, information delivery timelines and overall workforce awareness now become a factor to consider - when communication teams have to wait for translations to be generated before publishing content, this creates a lag in how quickly an organisation can react, which makes it difficult to effectively manage other immediate priorities.

Remove your teams’ language barriers with our latest Dynamic Content Translation feature


I'm pleased to announce that the team at Thrive.App have been working on improving the platform's language support. The Thrive app already offers the ability to manually create and offer content in virtually any language through our simple content creation facilities. Key messages can already be published through the app when needed to ensure the accuracy of both your message and meaning can be relayed to employees.

Our latest feature will build on this and expedite the speed at which translations can be generated. This is the addition of dynamic content translation, in other words, automatic translation of content. We have developed the feature to directly support customers with extensive multi-lingual workforces, although any organisation can harness this feature. After extensive research, we will be leveraging the power of Microsoft's Cognitive Services platform to provide automatic translation for content items.

The first phase of our translation project will integrate the new language controls into our existing publishing controls. This will hugely simplify the process for Editors. We've created a system process that means once you have enabled your preferred languages on a content item, the Thrive platform will automatically retrieve and serve translated content for your employees based on their device preference. With additional bulk translate actions, if you decide to adopt our new dynamic content translation feature, you can translate your entire content library with just a few clicks!


With Dynamic Content Translation in the Thrive app, you'll be able to seamlessly communicate with your employees across the language barrier without additional effort or training required for your Editors. In addition, the natural language processing power of Microsoft Cognitive Services means that Thrive.App will provide accurate and on-demand translations whenever needed to help communication teams develop a more inclusive and multi-lingual content strategy.

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Our new Dynamic Content Translation service is a premium feature for the platform. If you want to know more, please ask your Client Success Manager or speak to our Sales team for more information. Later phases of the project will introduce coverage for push notifications, comments and manual editing of translations for further refinement of the translated content .

To find out more about Thrive App updates, including current features and future plans on our roadmap, check out our feature updates blog.