New App Feature: Grab Your Employees’ Attention with App Badge Icons

Want to notify your employees about new content and updates? Make it easier and faster for staff to stay up to date with our Thrive employee app’s new App Badge Icons!

As part of our 2023 plans to evolve the user experience of our Thrive employee app, we are pleased to announce the release of App Badge Icons, the small number, or ‘badge’, that appears on an app icon when there are new notifications or app updates. 

We all know that app badge icons have been around for a long time and up until now, we have resisted the temptation to introduce badges to help preserve the transition of having ‘work based’ apps installed on personal devices. Given that the Thrive employee app is introduced to nurture the employee-employer relationship, and often installing the app is a voluntary process, we never wanted to overload employees with notifications. When done badly, notification overload will harm the app’s ability to encourage the use of this new channel of communication. 

However, we also know that when notifications are used efficiently, customers see significant gains in their app’s open and content consumption rates. So, after careful consideration, and at the request of numerous customers, this functionality is now available to use.

App Badge Icons feature 3

With this feature, employees will immediately be able to see whether the app has new notifications or content to view. Users will now have a ‘view’ of the in-app notification centre directly from the icon. This will make it easier and faster for staff to stay up to date with changes on the app, saving both time and mental effort.

By surfacing unread notifications more prominently from the app icon, it will encourage users to visit and open the app and consequently improve your daily, weekly, and monthly visits to the app. Ultimately, the more we can grab the user’s attention, the better chance the app has of improving overall app usage.  

With this update, there are also no additional settings to update or configure. Simply contact the Thrive.App Client Success Team and we can schedule an app update for a time that suits you. 

New Notification Types & Settings

As well as the introduction of App Badge Icons, we’ve also included two new notification types for ‘Push from a Page’ and ‘Recognition’. Both in-app and existing push notifications will now appear for push messages created by App Editors, and when a user has been thanked via our Recognition feature.  

In addition, this release also introduces new controls to bulk mark notifications as ‘read’. This minor update will allow users to quickly clean up their in-app notification centre and control the notifications they see on their app badge icon on iOS (Android devices currently require users to remove notifications from the device notification centre).

App Badge Icons feature 2

Coming Soon - Scheduled Push Notifications

We are also working on introducing scheduled push notifications. This feature will allow App Editors to create differing levels of notification priority:  Editors will be able to choose whether to send a push & in-app notification or just an in-app notification from content. 

When combined with app badge icons, this means Editors can choose to just create an in-app notification for each new content item, simultaneously alerting audiences to new content via the app badge, without bombarding staff with push messages. Push notifications can then be reserved for higher-priority content, elevating the importance of this content to above ‘standard communications’.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to know more or have any questions, please contact either our Client Success Team or email our Product Team at

To find out more about Thrive App updates, visit our feature updates blog.