Managing a Workplace Reopening with an Employee App

Learn how to help to keep your office employees safe by defining how many spaces are available in your office and allow employees to pre-book a place using the Thrive employee app.

Are you struggling to manage workspace reopening with limited numbers? This is just one of the many challenges business owners are facing due to Covid-19. Can you imagine as an employee how frustrating it would be to travel to work only to be turned away as all the spaces is already taken?

We have developed a new capability to help organisations manage reduced desk capacity in their office space during the pandemic. This capability helps organisations implement Covid-safe policies with self-service convenience for the
employee as well as providing data export reports to feed into your track and trace procedures.

Watch this short video from our Co-Founder and CEO James Scott to learn more. 


Easy Setup

Using a highly intuitive and easy web interface your Facilities Managers, IT, Operations, Office Managers or other colleagues can add your different office locations, adjust the available desk capacity for any given date and download reports for track and trace:Group 2-1

Group 4-1

Great Employee Experience

If your employees wish to work in the office they simply login to their Thrive secure mobile app and in a few steps book their space in the office. 

Step 1: Pick an officeClay Mockup  Step 2: Choose a date

     Clay Mockup CopyStep 3: Tap to reserve

Clay Mockup Copy 2If they change their mind, they can free up their desk for another colleague

Clay Mockup Copy 3Once the day is full the app won’t allow anyone else to book unless a space becomes free or you increase capacity.

Clay Mockup Copy 4

This new addition to the Thrive app will make your management of reduced office capacity more automated, streamlined and less of a headache for both administrators and employees.

Like all of our features, this is ridiculously easy to use and is part of our core offering Thrive.App which has all the key features needed for organisations to power up their internal communications, informing and engaging and communicating with every employee at the same time in the same way. 

The solution is flexible, easy to use and can be rolled out in a matter of days. 

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