NI Tech Companies Partner to Support McCue's Sustainability Strategy

The company aims to become a leader in sustainability in the fit-out space by increasing employee awareness and engagement with its sustainability agenda.

Monday 19th July 2021; McCue, the award-winning project management, commercial fit-out and bespoke joinery company, has partnered with two local tech firms – employee engagement platform, Thrive.App, and software solution, SustainIQ, to launch its new sustainability strategy through its new employee engagement app.

Staff engagement with McCue’s new sustainability agenda is critical to its success as the company looks to become the leader in sustainability within the fit-out sector, and the Thrive app and SustainIQ software will be pivotal in achieving this. McCue needed to find a way to communicate its intentions, which was made difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic and many staff working remotely. Ultimately, McCue wanted to ensure that every member of staff understood the importance of the new sustainability strategy within their everyday job roles.

The employee app with SustainIQ’s software will help capture data across all sites and calculate the company’s impacts across four key pillars of its sustainability efforts; Procurement; Planet; People; Place. Data and reporting will be captured through SustainIQ and reported to staff at McCue using the Thrive.App, to increase their awareness and engagement with the company’s sustainability agenda. So far, 90% of staff in McCue are actively using the Thrive app and receiving company notifications, and 79% of these users engaged in the communication about the launch of the new sustainability strategy.

Combining the reporting collated in SustainIQ, with the channels of communication through the Thrive app is a natural solution to ensure the entire company is brought on the same journey towards meeting the goals set out in McCue’s new sustainability strategy.

Maria Diffley, Co-Founder at SustainIQ said “This is an exciting project for us. Collaborating with another NI-based tech company, Thrive.App, to bring synergy to our mutual client makes perfect sense and this initiative has allowed us to test and refine how the two platforms work together. The quality of data we can provide through the Thrive app for easy dissemination to McCue employees, adds real value to the project and has significantly increased engagement in McCue’s new sustainability strategy.”

Gary Purdy, Managing Director at McCue said “Sustainability is a key driver in McCue’s business and it’s important to us that staff are fully informed and bought-in to our new strategy. Joining the dots between SustainIQ and Thrive.App to create that information flow out to our employees has already boosted the understanding of, and engagement in what we are trying to do.  Our team are actively involved in making us a truly sustainable company.”

James Scott, Co-Founder and CEO at Thrive.App adds: “We truly value our partnership with McCue and will continue to support them with their employee communications and engagement. The work that SustainIQ does is vital for social, economic and environmental issues. I’m truly delighted to be collaborating with another NI-based tech company. We aim to help as many organisations as we can in shifting from traditional methods of employee communications and engagement such as notice boards and printed newsletters to instant, modern, secure, engaging mobile apps and I’m delighted to see this collaboration ensuring that McCue employees understand and are engaged with their new sustainability strategy.”


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About McCue

McCue is an award-winning project management, commercial fit-out and bespoke joinery company with extensive experience across a wide range of sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. 

Established in 1954, the company has become one of the leading fit-out firms in Northern Ireland, operating from its 5,500m2 production facility in Carrickfergus. 

Over its 65 years, McCue has established an impressive reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative fit-outs, building up a trusted supply chain, many of whom remain working with the company to this day. 

About SustainIQ

SustainIQ offers a unique integrated software tool that helps companies measure, monitor and report on their sustainability across four key pillars: responsible procurement, environmental management, people health & diversity and community engagement & partnering. Using a mobile data platform, SustainIQ allows companies to record their activities in real time and see their impact at the touch of a button. SustainIQ is currently in use on over 500 sites across the UK and Ireland and is loved and trusted by companies in the construction, FMCG, transport and infrastructure sectors.

About Thrive.App

Thrive.App provides the technology and support to assist organisations in igniting their internal communications through the successful launch of employee apps. With the Thrive app, every employee can easily access real-time information they need to support their role, organisational updates across all areas of the business and feel supported and recognised as they carry out their duties.

The Thrive App brings everyone together, including desk-less workforces with limited or no access to corporate emails or intranets. Its client-base includes councils, healthcare companies, manufacturing businesses, food firms, retailers and other organisations across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

This software as a service solution enables HR, Marketing, Internal Comms, Corporate Comms, IT, Operations and other professionals to create and promote important, relevant, timely and customised information. Reaching everyone, everywhere, every time with an engaging, secure mobile app that is ridiculously easy to implement and use.