Increase App Engagement with our New @Mentions Feature!

Thrive's new @Mentions feature has arrived, allowing you and your employees to mention and tag others in page comments.

If you or your employees feel that a story would be of particular interest to someone else, it's now so much easier to share that with them and let them know! When a Thrive app user is mentioned in a comment, they'll receive both an in-app and a push notification on their phone to let them know they have a message.

According to research by tagging users that you feel would be particularly interested in specific content leads to much higher overall engagement through likes and comments.  If you want to increase engagement within your employee app, then it's a great way of starting a conversation in the comments section. 

That research also suggests that tagging between one to three users will return the highest amount of likes and comments. 

So, get mentioning! 

When typing a comment, simply press the @ symbol and begin typing someone's name. The list of users will be narrowed down as you continue typing. When you find the person you want to mention, simply tap on them from the list then continue to write the rest of your comment. 

Thrive @metions new feature


Because the mentioned users receive both a push and an in-app notification, you can be sure that they'll see the content they're mentioned on. If the app user taps on either of the notifications, they'll be brought directly to that content.

New @mentions features on Thrive employee app 

Like all of our features, @Mentions is ridiculously easy to use and is now part of the core features offered to all Thrive clients. As always, we hope that these new additions to the Thrive App will help you to create an employee communications and engagement app that you and your employees love.   

new @mentions features on

@Mentions is a really powerful new tool for increasing app engagement, so we recommend that you let your app users know by making an announcement in your app about the new functionality. When you're posting an article yourself, why not then open the app and mention a few people to get the ball rolling and the conversation started? 

Thrive clients can make @Mentions live in your app, by deploying an update with our team. When your app has been updated, our Client Success team will reach out to let you know. If you have any questions, send us an email.

If you're not an existing client but interested in finding out more about what Thrive can do for your teams, get in touch today.