Employee App Tips: Spotlight On... An Post

If you have an employee app but are stuck for ways to use it, here's a great example of how our client, An Post, used their Thrive App to create engaging content with their app's Book Club.

Your app has the potential to be much more than a virtual noticeboard for one-way information. You can create a real sense of community and identity in your app by creating content that employees will want to engage with.

Get away from the idea that your employee app must be all business, all the time and get creative! Here’s a great example of how a Thrive.App customer has done just that with their app…

The An Post Book Club - In 'Post People' by An Post

An Post are Ireland’s national mail service, and have around 10,000 employees. To increase engagement in their app they decided to create the An Post Book Club where, in partnership with an Irish retailer, employees can get money off book purchases of around four books that their app content editors choose for each month’s Book Club. Employees are encouraged to then leave comments and reviews and discuss with each other what they thought of each book.


An Post Book Club 1  An Post Book Club 2

This has been a really successful endeavour by An Post, as they’ve been able to encourage really good levels of engagement in their app, and the feedback from employees who have participated has been excellent.

An Post Book Club 3An Post have recently also added another section to their Book Club: a User Generated Content list where employees can post their own recommendations of books for other employees to read. This has also been a very popular addition, with many employees posting their recommendations, and others coming in to discuss in the comments.

This is just one example where a bit of effort and creativity goes a long way to creating a really positive and engaging atmosphere in an employee app. Encouraging this sense of community among your employees, where they feel comfortable engaging with each other is a really important contribution to employee happiness and overall employee experience.

Note: This blog post has been created with our current clients in mind - if you wish to find out more information about the Thrive platform, please contact our team today. 

Written By: Ian McCutcheon, Client Success Manager at Thrive.