Unsplash Images Integration has Arrived

To help you make your app look fantastic, we've added an option in the Media Library to choose an image from Unsplash. No more searching the internet for a nice image to go along with your content!

With Unsplash and Thrive, there is no need to rely on design team capacity and no need to worry about searching for attractive, good quality and correct size images to go with your content.  With this all being handled smoothly through the Thrive Media Library, Internal Comms teams can create richer and more engaging content at the click of a button.

With over 2 million high definition license free images available within the Unsplash library, we thought we would help you to make your employee app look fantastic and create content faster than ever before.

Our new Unsplash Images integration has added an option in the Thrive Content Management System (CMS) Media Library to choose an image from Unsplash, saving you lots of time and removing typical publishing obstacles.

blogunsplash Content editors using the Thrive CMS can now add an Unsplash image using button at the top-right of the media library. Simply press that and search for an image. When you find one you like, click on it and add it to your page. It's that simple!


Like all of our features, the Unsplash Images integration is ridiculously easy to use and is now part of the core features offered to all Thrive clients. As always, we hope that these new additions to Thrive will help you to create an employee communications and engagement app that your employees love.  

If you are a Thrive client and have questions, or need support with these new additions, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team, who will be happy to help!

If you're interested in finding out more about what Thrive can do for your front line teams, register your interest today.

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