What Email? Why Most Employees Don't Read or See Email Newsletters.

When it comes to communication and sharing important information with ALL of your employees, email may not be the perfect choice, especially if your teams are front line workers, desk-less or ‘hard to reach’ in other ways. 

October 30, 2019

Positive Employee Experiences and Increased Engagement.

For a long time, maintaining a happy workforce and increasing employee engagement was a common goal for HR professionals only.  However, business leaders are realising that employees are their most valuable asset, and they must invest..

October 30, 2019

Is There Really a Need for Employee Recognition?

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, nearly at the top, there’s a set called ‘Esteem’ to express that all humans crave for self-esteem, confidence, respect of others and by others, and achievement. At work, this social need makes us want..

October 30, 2019

Need a Company Intranet App?

A ‘company intranet app’ is a bit of a misnomer in that when you consider the actual potential of a carefully developed enterprise mobile app- it’s a bit like calling Google an ‘online phone book service’.

October 30, 2019

Employee Communication Apps Drive a Diverse & Inclusive Culture.

If you’ve been considering investing in diversity and inclusion programs — whether your organisation suffers from a culture problem, is undergoing a cultural shift, or you simply believe it’s the right thing to do — you might be..

October 30, 2019

Thrive Client Success Story Videos.

Employee communication apps can help drive a cultural change in your organisation and make operations more efficient.  They allow every employees to stay informed, communicate their ideas and be recognised for their efforts. 

October 29, 2019

Who's Reading Your Organisation's Printed Newsletter Magazines.

The demise of all things printed — from books to newspapers to magazines — has been predicted for years. Although there’s a lot to be said for the guilty pleasure of downtime with a glossy magazine or the cliché of a summer read on..

October 2, 2019

Communicating with Hard to Reach employees without work email.

Feeling marginalised is not a good way to go through life. In the workplace, companies with large numbers of non-desk based staff will inevitably suffer from a significant pool of employees who are hard to reach.  Unless conscious..

June 4, 2019

Can We Use an Employee communications App for Recognition & Reward?

Employee Recognition & Reward is a hot topic in virtually every discussion we have.  Everyone agrees that a culture of gratitude, timely celebration, appropriate reward, affirmation from peers and a commitment to shared values all..

May 31, 2019