Something exciting is happening today

TheAppBuilder transition to a new brand and name... Thrive!

We have some exciting news to share today. We are re-branding from TheAppBuilder to Thrive.

So why are we doing this now? 

We started the company back in 2011 with the original vision of enabling anyone to be build and update a mobile app with no specialist skills or training required - TheAppBuilder name was a great fit at the time.  


Pretty early on we were delighted to welcome customers on board that recognised our easy to use platform would be ideal to 'power up' their internal communications  and employee engagement - especially for those hard to reach employees who don't work at a desk, don't have company email or easy access to the intranet. 

Along with our early clients we pioneered some of the first employee communications apps in this space and were so excited by the transformation effect they had on employee's lives that we decided to make this our focus and be the only type of app we enable.

So with 5 years under our belt and collectively over 250,000 employees using the employee communications and engagement platform we felt it was time our brand was updated to reflect this experience and set the tone clearly for the future.

Our mission and passion is to help make your organisation thrive by delivering an easy, cost effective way for you to connect and communicate with EVERY employee, giving them an awesome employee experience!

The name Thrive also represents our own vision and goals. 

We plan to significantly grow over the next few years and are building our team to achieve this. 

Watch our CEO, James Scott speak about the re-brand.


Speak with a member of the Thrive team to find out how you can create an awesome employee experience across your organisation.

P.S. Check out some images below of us celebrating the Thrive launch today...






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