Santos Brasil's Secure Employee App Reduces Company Costs

Need a secure and easy way to share information, rotas and other documents with your employees? Here’s how Santos Brasil saved time, costs and resources by using their Thrive app’s secure browsing feature to share important updates in real time with their remote workforce.

Santos Brasil is an award-winning logistics company, specialising in the streamlining of shipping container operations, such as servicing and unloading large container ships. When the ships are due to port, employee shifts are scheduled; however, these can often be impacted and changed due to disruptions such as bad weather and delays in the ship’s departure or journey.

With many of the 3,000-strong diverse workforce have no regular access to computers, the only way employees could check their rotas was from terminals in the port. If employees were offsite when a change in schedule was report, the only way of communicating the change was via a phone call. This resulted in an inefficient use of company time and additional phone call costs, all with no guarantee the employee could be reached.

To improve both efficiency and communication, Santos Brasil needed a secure and easy way for employees on variable shifts to access work rotas while offsite.

Secure Browsing with the Viva Voz App

In Brazil, if an employee’s working hours have been changed but they were not informed and they arrive at work, the law states they have to be paid from the time they arrive at. This applies even if that time is now hours before their changed shift is due to start, which can be costly to the business.

Santos Brasil’s ‘Viva Voz’ App has tackled this challenge by giving employees access to real-time information about their shifts, which they can check anywhere, anytime from their mobile phone.

Santos Brasil employee app 1Santos Brasil employee app 2


Each employee’s shift details are published to a secure website that is not visible on the public internet. Instead, it is displayed in the app using our Secure Browsing solution. This works by routing the information request via Thrive.App’s server, which has been given access to the secure site.

When an employee taps to access their rotas from the app, their staff ID number is sent to the secure site so that it can identify the employee. Once the employee is recognised, the site then displays only the rota information relevant to that particular employee, enabling them to see any changes to their shifts.

The ability to do this has produced significant savings for Santos in terms of cost, time, and resource. It has also given the Viva Voz App a really solid foundation for use among Santos Brasil’s workforce. For employees, the app goes beyond simply ‘information’ - it has become both an integral part of the company’s daily operations and valuable platform for bringing employees closer together and promoting effective knowledge sharing.

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Want to know more?

Check out Santos Brasil’s full client success story here on how their app with Thrive helped them to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency.

Secure browsing is just one of many powerful features that a Thrive App can offer. Get in touch today to find out more about how a Thrive app can be used to share rotas, connect teams, communicate important updates, and much more.