Need a Company Intranet App?

Think Employee Communications App.

A ‘company intranet app’ is a bit of a misnomer in that when you consider the actual potential of a carefully developed enterprise mobile app- it’s a bit like calling Google an ‘online phone book service’.

We always need an existing frame of reference to describe the future – it’s why we still rate car engines based on ‘horsepower’.

TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) are an enterprise mobile app development team creating bespoke native enterprise apps with cross platform responsive HTML5 for desktop and more.

TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) enterprise mobile apps are far more than just a mobile version of your existing company intranet. Developed and tailored to your business structure and future aims – an enterprise app has the power to move the entire culture of your workplace forward, elevating your existing internal comms set up to a whole new level of engagement, speed and interaction.

An Enterprise Mobile App for the Supertaskers

The writer of ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’ Douglas Coupland is quoted as saying:

"Millennials are clueless. I cannot work with anyone under the age of 35"

Some readers (over the age of 35) may have some sympathy for Douglas and in fairness, it can be difficult to fully understand the internet shaped outlook of the younger generation, particularly when faced with revelations like the following:

"Nearly half (42%) would choose internet access rather than their sense of smell"

Just one remarkable finding from the 2014 Cisco Connected World Technology Report which surveyed 3739 Gen X, Gen Y and HR professionals.

However, in this same 2014 Cisco report – more than 4 in 10 of the Gen X and Gen Y professionals surveyed considered themselves to be ‘Supertaskers’. Among these self-described Supertaskers, the largest proportion cited Supertasking best on a smartphone.

The phrase ‘supertaskers’ originated in a University of Utah 2010 research paper which tested multi-tasking levels and used the term to describe the 2.5% of the participants who were able to deftly juggle tasks without any detriment to their overall performance.

This is where the older level of corporate management need to quash their fears about the snowflake youth of today, and instead create work environments aimed to attract these supertasking accelerated thinking connected workers.

Consider the current process for editing a key page on the company website or intranet at the moment, how quickly can your comms team ensure that the change goes live and is seen by all staff affected? Could it be done by just one person?

A supertasking millennial equipped with a fluid secure company enterprise mobile app at their fingertips could achieve this in a couple of swipes and taps while walking to their next meeting.

SaaS with a Smile

TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) began as a product – an online editor for users to ‘build your own app’. The Software as a Service (SaaS) tool was instantly popular and beat the competition with its ease of use and sophisticated feature set as well as the ability to update content in real time.  Within 2 years, over 200,000 people built 350,000 web apps on (now including many schools, universities, charitable organisations and small businesses.  The build your own service was completely free of charge to the vast majority of users, without any 3rd party advertisements.

During this time TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) team were working on an enterprise grade version of the product - a non-technical app building platform which publishes secure, encrypted native apps for Android and iOS. Since launching the new enterprise mobile app service in 2012, TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) have worked in partnership with global brands including Michelin, British Airways, Sodexo, O2 and Heathrow Airport.

TheAppBuilder (now Thrive) is now essentially a cloud platform, backed up by our team of creative technical specialists. Our unique approach provides the tools, knowledge transfer and support to not only deliver a high quality app, in a rapid timescale at low cost but also empowers non-technical people to maintain that app and go onto create their own suite of mobile apps autonomously, building out an app strategy one step at a time.

Because of our easy to use CMS system and one-on-one online training – super tasking millennials aside - all levels of your communications team can be producing optimised mobile content in less than an hour. TheAppBuilder enterprise mobile apps are usable intuitive platforms – we work with your staff to ensure management and interaction via the app is straightforward and secure.

A Company Intranet App and Much More

In short – if you are at the stage of thinking your company intranet might work better as an app, contact us and we can help you shape a much broader future for your internal communications with a secure innovative enterprise mobile app.

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