How will an Employee App Help You, the Employee?

It is important to feel connected to the company you work for as well as your colleagues. Covid-19 has raised the importance of connectivity in particular. We have listed some ways in which an employee app can help you, the employee and would love to hear your thoughts.

We all want to be included in something and form connections with the people around us. It's human nature to want to feel appreciated, know your efforts are noticed and feel you are making a difference in your organisation.

So - you may ask - How does an employee app fit into this? We listed some thoughts below for you to think about. 

#1 Your Employee Experience

Your employee experience refers to what you encounter and observe over the course of your time working in your current organisation. Every company invests in the customer experience and ensuring customers are extremely happy. As more and more organisations increasingly recognise people as their greatest assets, they're investing in the employee experience as well. It's important for you and the company to ensure your experience is the best one. 

How Can an Employee App Help?

An employee app like Thrive will give you immediate and easy access to important information you need, no matter where you are.  Front line, deskless workers, in particular often say their employee experience is not as good as their office-based or desk-based colleagues, saying they can be the "last people to find out about information".

An employee app brings everyone together, sharing consistent information at the same time with EVERYONE in the organisation.

It's all on your own terms

You opt in to the app. It's on your own terms. You chose the best time to receive and consume this information, in the most convenient way, right from your fingertips on your own mobile phone and you can log out at any time.  

Adele, an employee at Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, who was previously not connected to the intranet or email stated -

“I love using the app. I work in one of the leisure centres and I usually work in the evenings and weekends. iConnect, our employee app allows me to stay up to date with what is going on in the Council and gives me access I did not previously have!”


#2 No More 'Last to Know'

A common theme, especially amongst front line employees, is that they are 'last to hear' about important updates, hearing information from their colleagues that was shared weeks before or not hearing anything at all. 

How Can an Employee App Help?

By introducing an employee app, your organisation is making a conscious choice to bring everyone together, front line, desk based, remote workers, home based and more, communicating with everyone, using the same channel and providing instant updates, the same information, to everyone, at the same time. 

#3 Recognition

We all like to receive recognition for the good things we do in life, and that also applies to the workplace.

How Can an Employee App Help?

Your employee app will allow you to send and receive recognition to/from colleagues, managers and senior leaders. The entire organisation can see when you have been recognised for your efforts and they can comment and like this recognition also. 

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#4 Company Communications

It can be isolating not knowing what is going on in your company, especially during these times of uncertainty.

How Can an Employee App Help?

Important company information and communication will your fingertips. Your employee app can be your central hub which where you find useful information and important updates from the company. For example, health and safety information and policies, training, advice for Furloughed employees, company end of week or month roundups, new job listings, latest updates on Covid-19 and much more.

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#5 Share your Ideas, Make your Voice Heard!

At times it can be challenging to give your instant feedback and share your ideas with line managers or senior leaders.  

How Can an Employee App Help?

The app is the perfect channel and opportunity for you to give instant feedback and have your voice heard back into management and leadership. It's a Two-way communication channel for you to share your ideas, suggestions, ask questions or raise complaints, if you have any.  This communication is also a great way to share and receive advice and best practices from your colleagues who may be carrying the same role as you or working across other departments. 

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Feedback from front line and desk based employees at An Post - 

“Great initiative and perfect solution to keep all employees in the 'loop' making communication accessible and available to everybody at all times!"

"Good to get all the company information before you get to your desk."

"It's a quick and easy way to stay informed about new business in the company, also a great tool to connect with people. Job well done."

#6 Chat, Social and Engagement

The social aspects of work are very important but how can we keep connected with our colleagues during the pandemic, while physically socialising is restricted.

How Can an Employee App Help?

By introducing an employee app, your company can quickly run and you can easily participate in quizzes’, events, competitions, virtual team-building days, be part of support groups, exercise and nutrition groups i.e. Couch to 5k.

Your employee app can help you be part of building upon the community that you are already part of! Your new employee app will also have the option to add your own content, this is particularly nice when building photo walls, for example, sharing your working from home selfie, new walks you found during lock-down, foodie photos, it’s a chance for you to share your social story as well as seeing your colleague's stories and photos. 


#7 Training and Upskilling

You may see this time as a chance to build their skill set for personal or career development.

How Can an Employee App Help?

You can attend training events, watch video’s or read training material straight from your mobile phone, as well as ticking an acknowledgement box to confirm you have completed the training.

#8 Onboarding New Team Members

Onboarding a new colleague during a global pandemic, as many industries continue to socially distance and work from home, can be challenging.

How Can an Employee App Help?

As a new employee joining a company during these restricted times, it can be intimidating for them, and strange for current employees - and this even applies when welcoming furloughed employees back to work. If your a Line Manager or responsible for training new employees, your employee app can help you to provide all company information and policies as well as sharing the social and cultural aspects of the company, all from one place, in a consistent way.


#9 Everything You Need To Operate At Your Fingertips

We all operate in different ways, businesses, roles, departments etc. and most of us have our 'go to' set of tools, processes or information we use daily to carry out our roles the best way we can.  As the way of working changes and many of us are working remotely / deskless / on the road, it can be challenging to have access to everything you need to help you out. 

How Can an Employee App Help?

With an employee app you can upload and get instant access to this information from your phone. You can check policies and procedures, sales information, company brochures, instruction manuals, timetables, rotas, FAQs, contact directories and much more. 

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#10 Final Thoughts...

The information shared within the app is entirely up to your organisation and also relies on your feedback, be sure to speak with the person responsible for launching your app to let them know what content you are interested in seeing.   

Here are more examples of content to inspire you.

  • Latest news
  • Health and safety information and updates
  • Policies 
  • Covid-19 updates and information
  • Recognition -  'Cheers to Peers' or 'Virtual High Fives'
  • Social photo walls
  • Useful info & links and your personal benefits i.e. health schemes, holidays, pension, salary and cycle to work.
  • Wellbeing 
  • Video updates from leaders
  • Charity events
  • Virtual events
  • Virtual training courses

You may also be interested in viewing the videos below:




You do not need a company email, all you need is your personal device e.g. a mobile phone. If your employer has signed up to Thrive you can simply download the app from the iOS or Android store and off you go.