Get Snap-Happy with Your Employee App on World Photography Day

It's World Photography Day, an annual event aimed at connecting and bringing people together. Here are some ways you can use your employee app to celebrate the occasion and get ‘snap-happy’ with your teams.

What is World Photography Day? 

August 19th is World Photography Day, an annual celebration that brings together photographers, amateur and professional, to pay homage to the history of photography and celebrate the present, inspiring positive change globally for the future.

Founded in 2009 with just 250 participants, World Photography Day now reaches a global audience of 500 million, providing every participant with the opportunity to share photographs and raise awareness of the issues that are important to them and their communities.

Today, photography has become an integral and wonderful part of our lives and something that connects us all. So, it feels only fitting to share some ways in which you can use your Thrive employee app to have some fun and bring together your teams on World Photography Day.

Photo frame

Ways to Use Your Employee App for World Photography Day

Promote A Competition in Your Latest News

Competitions are a great way to give your teams some interesting and engaging content, as well as inspiring fun and creativity, and it’s super easy to do. The Latest News is the perfect section on your employee app to announce and promote your competition and encourage participation.

As an example, Team Thrive are celebrating this year’s World Photography Day with a photo competition, using our Latest News section to encourage staff to share photos of things that are important to them – be it something they’ve baked , a fitness achievement, a location that has special meaning for them, the options are endless – with the top photos winning a special prize!

To boost engagement even more, why not use your post to include a video of why you’re running the competition? Perfect for announcing the exciting prizes up for grabs and all the other details, such as the competition rules and any start and end dates.

Latest News

Encourage User Generated Content

Using an event like World Photography can be a great way to bring a bit of light-hearted fun to your employee app and also to your team. Why not set up a custom list on your app to invite everyone to share their favourite photos and encourage some engagement?

User Generated Content is a great way to make your app more interactive, and if you haven’t done much of it in the past it’s a fun and low-risk way of trying the feature out and seeing if it’s for you and your team as part of your internal communications strategy. And like the Acknowledgements feature, it’s easy and quick to set up!  


Some Ideas to Inspire You...

We hope that these ideas have sparked some inspiration. Of course, you’re not restricted to World Photography Day to bring a bit of fun into your app - there are so many other days and ways to use your app to engage, inspire and connect your employees, whether it’s adding festive cheer at Christmas, or turning your app green for St Patrick’s Day, or simply recognising your team’s efforts on any given day.

No matter the occasion or the feature, the Thrive App is designed to be super simple, easy and quick to set up. But even if you need a helping hand bringing your ideas to life in the app, our team are always available to help out, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.